Our Venues

The Palouse Choral Society enjoys the hospitality of a variety of venues throughout the region, which include: 

  • St. Boniface Catholic Church, Uniontown, WA
St. Boniface Catholic Church in Uniontown was built in 1904 by German Catholic immigrants in the Baroque style of churches found in southern Germany and Austria. Such cathedrals were the sites of the original performances of many classical choral pieces composed by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and others – an excellent setting for classical music.
Directions to St. Boniface, Uniontown
  • Haddock Concert Hall, Lionel Hampton Music Bldg, UI Campus, Moscow, ID
Parking for concerts in Haddock:

  • Gold Lot 46 is available for those with mobility limitations and challenges
  • Red Lots 41, 43, & 45 are a short walk

Haddock, directions and parking

  • Administration Auditorium, UI Campus, Moscow, ID
Parking for concerts
in the Administration Auditorium:

  • Gold Lot 40 has limited parking and is available for those with mobility
    limitations and challenges
  • Gold Lot 42 is also small, but a short walk to the auditorium
  • Gold Lot 46, Red Lots 41, 43, & 45 can all be used.

Administration Auditorium, parking

  • Clarkston High School Auditorium, 401 Chestnut Street, Clarkston, WA
Patrons attending concerts in the Clarkston High School Auditorium will enjoy pristine sound while relaxing in comfortable theatre style seating.

Clarkston High School, directions
CHS Campus Map


  • First Presbyterian Church, 405 S. Van Buren St, Moscow, ID
Music provides a means for us to lift our hearts in worship.  Embracing the diversity within our congregation, we strive to enrich worship through the incorporation of a wide variety of music.
  • Simpson United Methodist Church, 325 Northeast Maple St, Pullman, WA
Simpson United Methodist Church, Pullman 


Simpson United, directions

  • St. Gertrude’s Monastery, 465 Keuterville Road, Cottonwood, ID
St. Gertrude’s Monastery, Cottonwood, ID

St. Gertrude’s, directions