New Members: Auditions are held in August and January. They are announced in the local media and on our website.

  • Interested persons can also be added to an announcement list by emailing
  • For information on the requirements of joining Palouse Choral Society and what an audition entails, click here.

Returning Members: If a member has not sung with PCS for more than two consecutive semesters, then he or she will need to re-audition in August or January.

Chamber Choir: Previous Chamber Choir members must re-audition each year in August. An audition slot may be requested by emailing

To sign up for an audition:

  • Check your personal calendar against the rehearsal and concert schedule  to ensure that you are able to make a full commitment to PCS.
  • Fill out and submit the audition form.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Janice O’Toole, Executive Director, at 509.597.8917 or



Palouse Choral Society Audition Form:

  • Please fill out all areas, including the selection of an audition date/time.
  • The next set of auditions will be held on January 2018.
  • Unless you are otherwise notified, auditions will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church on Lybecker in Pullman, Washington.

Tell us about your singing experiences:


PCS currently has two choirs. The full choir (Chorale) is our primary choir and has between 70 and 90 performing members. Our Chamber Choir is a smaller group that meets, rehearses, and performs musical selections that may be more challenging and that are in addition to the full choir repertoire. Members must sing in the full choir in order to be eligible for the chamber choir. Are you interested in auditioning for both our full choir and our smaller Chamber Choir or just the Chorale at this time?

You will get an email confirming your submission within 24 hours. If you do not receive a confirmation, please email Janice at to alert us of the problem. Thank you!